Mission: To Uncover Recoleta´s Beauty

It is always my mission to find the beautiful. It exists in every person and every thing, all it takes a little searching for. When I first arrived in Recoleta, I was overwhelmed by three things: the smell, the dogs, the flaites. But now I don’t notice any of them. Do you know what I do see? Beauty. One of my favorite places to discover it is amongst the houses. I love to see how people put loving attention into their properties. They paint bright colours, sweep their streets, tend to elaborate gardens, trim trees on the footpath, plant fruit trees in unlikely places and have plants on their balconies. I also notice how many of them will put out plastic bowls of water for the street dogs and give them food. Here are some of my favorite residential shots (mind you, everything looks lovely under a ray of sunshine!):

1948127_10153037119885097_2435100127174763115_n 10174931_10152908295890097_8745605565928379225_n 10419537_10152867052260097_7826870485571094795_n 10644447_10152867052445097_2440293637691359956_n 10645005_10152877943845097_8901088202054239144_n 10665228_10152716677235097_5854243760901971645_n 10701995_10152716676980097_5057021379056283300_n 10801672_10152881978510097_952197354544764699_n 10846177_10152908295880097_4143100533722415822_n 10847921_10152904697065097_1910888608059416481_n 10891715_10152961503285097_3745653916362099302_n 10906343_10152961492855097_4980181960898427870_n 10906343_10152961492860097_3169874941803845559_n 10923513_10153003938220097_616775640364573702_n 10945539_10153037119680097_2944117474632171441_n

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