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Portfolio of Published Works

Portfolio of my published works.

The following is a snippet of my published articles. Not included are my essays published for Social Anthropology At Home at Massey University (2016), or the columns I had in The Santiago Times and I Love Chile (online publications).

I can be contacted for future work at:



Barrio Concha y Toro Discover Chile

My Friend TiTo Discover Chile

Night-Time Taxi Driver Discover Chile

Santiago Neighborhoods: Huechurba Antigua Discover Chile

Abuse of Chilean Indigenous People Merco Press



Malta: Tiny Island, Big Impact Teatime Magazine

A Kiwi´s Connection To Home Teatime Magazine

Barefoot New Zealand Teatime Magazine

New Zealand History in a 1,000 Words Teatime Magazine

Australia Wierd and Wonderful Teatime Magazine

English With A Twist: How To Speak Kiwi Teatime Magazine

Roald Dahl Teatime Magazine

Unusual Sport for an Unusual Country Tea-Time Magazine


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