Meet Volunteer Extraordinnair, Sally Rose

After the negative response to my last post, I was feeling pretty sad about my blog. How can such good intentions go so awry? For the record I just want to say with conviction: we are not bad parents for living In Luis’ home!

So I thought today that I would draw the attention away from being a bad mother and instead focus upon someone who is so overwhelming decent that she is a gleaming beacon of expat goodness. You might recognize her name because she is all over the internet. It’s Sally Rose!

I met Sally after posting on The Chile Experience my desire to start a new volunteer group to work in public schools. The result, of course, was Organizacion Ojos Abiertos, comprising of Hoda, Georgina, Carolina, Mariana and Natalie.  Sally came to our second meeting and it is thanks to her that we met Gerhard and became involved with Liceo Almirante Riveros in Conchali.

Why is Sally “expat goodness?” Because over the last four years she has dedicated herself to bettering the lives of Chilean children by volunteering as an English teacher. She has worked across Santiago’s low-income barrios in public schools and over the years has forged real bonds with many of her students, even inspiring some to train to become English teachers themselves.  Although she only briefly volunteered at Almirante Riveros, she still dropped by the other day with two HUGE boxes of English books for the students (we are already planning on using them in our classes!).

Her path hasn’t always been easy but its hard to imagine Sally without a smile on her face. Her perservence has paid off in a new book about her adventures and trials in Chile called “A Million Sticky Kisses”.  In it, she reveals real life stories of the people she has met and offers an in-depth glimpse into the reality of Santiago public education, and is worth reading just for this reason.

Photo courtesy of Amazon

Sally is an inspiration to anyone thinking about coming to Chile, not only because of the way she has tried to give back but through her efforts to share the stories of the people that she meets.  I hope that we can carry on her great work through Ojos Abiertos – on behalf of Santiago’s Children I thank you Sally Rose!

You can read Sally’s entertaining blog here.

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