10 Common Misconceptions about Chile … and 10 Reasons to To Visit!

The Misconceptions:

  1. If your expecting bronzed and oiled butt cheeks on show at the beach, you may be disappointed. For thong-spotting, you’d be better served in Brazil.
  2. Similarly, you will be surprised to find Chilenas do not possess “mamacita” hourglass figures. Try Colombia.
  3. If your after tropical days and warm beaches, you will be baffled by Chile’s freezing cold waters and icy breezes. Maybe Ecuador?
  4. If your idea of culture is panpipes and ponchos, you will find them in Bolivia.
  5. There are no archaelogical sites of great mention. The best options are in Peru.
  6. Ready to dance the night away to salsa? Not all Chileans like to dance and when they do its usually to cumbia, reggaeton or rock.
  7. Think Latin America and spicy food? Bar pebre and merken (both sublimely delicious!), Chilean food tends towards salty or sweet, rather than picante.
  8. The reality: Santiago is a costly place to live
  9. Downtown Santiago is like a suburb of Sydney rather than the South American fantasy you may be picturing (but the mountains are extraordinary)
  10. It can be a pain in the butt to travel – Chile is HUGE!

The Reasons to Love:

  1. Spectacular vistas, from the extreme and arid landscapes of the desert to the utterly breathtaking and surreal open spaces of Patagonia
  2. Birds. It may not have a jungle, but Chile possesses a remarkable array of bird life making it a wonderful visit for ornithologists
  3. Stability. A thriving economy means that there are exceptional services from education to healthcare (if you pay – public leaves alot to be desired), and many work opportunities
  4. Lush and green spaces, tranquil and clear lakes, and friendly people in the south of Chile
  5. Its easy peasy to find work even without a TEFL or a valid visa!
  6. Wine, wine and more wine. This blog is excellent for more information
  7. If your interested in the unexplained, Chile has oodles of paranormal sights for you to see
  8. Outside of the main tourist spots, many places are relatively untouched by visitors.
  9. A vast diversity in culture from the Andean, the Mapuche and the lingering traces of the Fuegians
  10. This is a country that has inspired award-winning poets, writers and musicians over the years, and that are today still beloved by young and old.  Why not come and see what all the fuss is about?
Ornithologist’s paradise
Cochiguaz, Chile’s UFO capital
In Monte Grande, birthplace of the beloved Gabriela Mistral
Ancient rock drawings in Ovalle

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