An Introduction to Musica Latina

A post on The Chile Experience Facebook page about favorite songs has got me thinking about the most iconic music to come out of Chile. I have always listened to Latin Music, ever since I was about 12 and bought my first Ricky Martin CD then decided no more singing in English for me. This is a list of the must listen to songs that I can think of now, to introduce you to the musical wonders of Latin America, and the diverse spectrum of Latin Music.  By no means is this list extensive, it is just small slice of the amazingness that can be found here!


  1. La Constentida: Traditional Cueca song – its Fiestas Patrias after all!
  2. Todos Juntos by Los Jaivas
  3. El Verdadero by Tiro de Gracia
  4. Te Vas by Americo
  5. Buen Soldado by Francisca Valenzuela
  6. Quiero Ser Libre by Grupo La Noche
  7. Loca by Chico Trujillo
  8. Gracias por la Vida by Violetta Parra
  9. Canto Libre by Victor Jara
  10. Estrechez de Corazon by Los Prisoneros

Latin America:

  1. El Secreto by Plan B
  2. Gasolina by Daddy Yankee
  3. Ojala by Silvio Rodriguez
  4. Tic Tici Ta by Carrapicho
  5. Latin America by Calle 13
  6. Danza Kuduro by Don Omar
  7. Amor de Madre by Aventura
  8. Corazon sin Cara by Prince Royce
  9. Colgando en tus Manos by Carlos Baute
  10. Me Gustas Tu by Manu Chau
  11. La Vida es un Carrnival by Celia Cruz
  12. Fico Assim Sem Você by Adriana Calcanhotto.

NOTE: to be fair, Los Prisoneros deserve a post all of their own  – their music is wonderful and provides an interesting snapshot into Chile. Check out Corazones Rojos, to see how they captured and twisted the machista attitude. For another excellent song that seems more like a poem than a song, is “Mazurquica Modernica” by Violetta Parra. A must-listen!

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