Santiago Away from the Beaten Path

Bored with doing the same old shizzle in Santiago? Hopefully this list will perk things up!

  1. Museo al Cielo Libre – Created to stop the building walls from deteroriating further, this art feast for the eyes took over four years to complete. Read more here.
  2. Maipu – a suburb that saw great battles of Chile once play out in its boundaries, and today has memorials in its honor. Visit the Templo Votivo.
  3. Museo de la Solidaridad – Begun during the presidency of Salvador Allende, today this is an interesting art collection that has become a symbol of the resistance. Worth a visit to understand more.
  4. Barrio Concha y Toro – so eeriliy quiet that it is like stepping back in time, the small streets that make up this section near Metro Republica make for wonderful photo (and romance) opportunities. While you are here, visit Zully.
  5. Cementerio Catolico – opposite the General Cemetery, this little visited burial site is at times quiet and frightening, with narrow passages and little light.
  6. Museo Colo Colo – A site for true football fans, its also worth a trip to learn more about a team that has followers from all over Chile.
  7. Parque de Los Reyes – Wonder for antiques and marvel at the lagoon and Santiago’s best skatepark.
  8. Parque Natural Aguas de Ramon – now that the sun is shining, make the most of the weather in this spectacular park close to La Reina.
  9. Patronato – although it is on the tourist path, it’s still possible to find something interesting and new when you get lost admidst Patronato’s jumble of streets, stalls and food stands.
  10. Love Motel – take a rest and while away a few hours in one of Santiago’s premier love motels (not for families!)

Feel free to make this list grow with your suggestions!


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