Recoleta Styles

A short post today to enlighten you on the styling etiquette that normally applies if your young and from my neighborhood:


  1. Long, long hair – as long as possible – that ideally should be straight and bear the remnants of blonde hair dye.
  2. Perfume that will leave a lingering whiff in your wake
  3. Crop top and bare midriff – your weight is of no importance!
  4. Leggings (ideally with knickers shining through)
  5. Another option is patterned leggings
  6. Tennis shoes (because their practical and aesthetically pleasing)
  7. The only form of address should be “o’e”
  8. the world genuinely wants to hear what you want to say … so speak up!


  1. Tennis shoes
  2. sports labels!
  3.  trousers with three side stripes (real Adidas or not – no importa)
  4. baseball cap
  5.  phone
  6. When you walk you should think of lizard so that you slither. This is where the baggy adidas pants will come in handy – you will notice that you can swish about.
  7. Hanging in packs is the way to go, particularly on street corners
  8. The only way to travel is by bus – because no-one expects you to pay!

NOTE: no disprespect was intended by the production of this post 🙂


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