13 Signs You´Know You Date a Chilean Man

  1. You will never have to open a door for yourself again
  2. A “date” means a trip to see the family
  3. You find yourself refilling his plate/glass when you lunch with the suegra
  4. Your guy friend numbers drop dramatically
  5. Talking about sex with others becomes a big no-no!
  6. Marriage becomes a hot topic of conversation
  7. Friends will regale you with stories of “cheating Chileans”
  8. When you meet he probably still lived with his parents
  9. … so you will most likely visit a “motel”
  10. You may find yourself doing the majority of the cooking
  11. Childcare may be seen as the woman’s domain
  12. You won’t be able to dance in your own space anymore – your space is now his!
  13. You will have company when introduced to other men

BUT for every one of these that may come across as a negative, they can easily be flipped around to be a positive! I have been with Luis for four years. We have travelled, lived together and gone through a long-distance relationship, fought and cried, laughed and danced, he has seen me give birth and we are raising a child together. At the end of the day, if you love someone you make it work, and cultural differences mean nothing in the grand scheme of things. You accept the good with the bad when you enter into a relationship with someone – and we have far more highs than lows.  Luis could be from Mars and it wouldn’t make one inch of difference to me!

In Argentina and looking well-rested!

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