Horcon: Photographer’s Paradise

I love places that transport you somewhere different. Maybe that be by unusual smells or sounds, or maybe by showing you something completely different. Horcon for me ticks all those boxes.

This working fishing village clings to a steep hillside, and casts a watchful eye over a tiny bay that comes complete with brightly painted fishing boats and pelicans. The air is crisp, the waves are rolling and the air is thick with the smell of salt, drifting over from the rustic seafood eateries that serve more locals than tourists. Houses threaten to fall into each other but stand proudly beside quaint churches and tiny stores selling both plastic beachside junk and artesanal wonders.

This may not be the prettiest of seaside resorts but it sure is a real one. Fisherman haul up their daily catch while you wander the hills and dump them spectacularly at the restaurant doors. Food prices are better than at nearby Con Con or Zapallar and, if you fancy it, afterwards you can escape the heat by shunning all your clothes at the nearby nudist beach.

Horcon is a photographers paradise and it makes a worthwhile stop during a coastal drive. Miles & Smiles (us!) can take you there for $60,000 pesos direct from Santiago or transport your along the stunning coastline in our Pacific Vistas tour for $100,000 pesos. All trips are in an airconditioned car with fully licenced driver.

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Nearby Maitencillo

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