Colonics in Las Condes!

Warning: This blog contains graphic information of a personal nature!

Thanks to an ever-widening list of health issues, I followed the recommendation of a reader and visited Centro Bio-Medicina Natural in Las Condes. I had booked a colonic irrigation treatment, something  I have been wanting to do for a really long time but been put off by a) the idea and b) the price. However, given that my liver is failing and that  this clinic offers a comparitively good price (it’s CLP$40.000 for an hour), I booked with some urgency and attended my first session yesterday.

The clinic has a quaint garden filled with medicinal herbs and a series of private rooms spiralling off of reception offering everything from reiki to acupuncture, yoga to meditation. I was looked after by a very friendly Chilean woman who also is a practicing ayuvedic doctor, and the treatment began with a thorough analysis of my health and diet, followed by an explanation of how the body works and digests food.  I then got changed, lay down on my side and had a small tube inserted (it does not hurt). Oil was rubbed into my stomach whilst being massaged, before the water was turned on.  This feels like nothing until you are completely pumped full and then you get an urge to visit the toilet, at which time she reverses the process and everything is sucked out.  Your stomach is massaged the whole time, attempting to move anything stuck along the tunnel.  It isn’t painful though it is a little bit uncomfortable, but the pleasant bedside manner of the technician means that it’s not as bad as it sounds!

In my personal case, my body is so ill that my (rock hard) stomach needed alot of massage. These movements caused my organs to suddenly work fiercely, resulting in what felt like menstrual cramps. Because my liver is so toxic, I had a strong desire to vomit and only started releasing blockages towards the end of the treatment. For some reason, the sensation was not just physical but emotional, like I didnt want to let go of all the waste that has been piling up over many years causing such an acidic environment (believed to be the starting place of all ilnesses by both traditional and even Biomedical researchers).  It was profoundly uncomfortable but just by witnessing what was coming out was cause enough for me to stick with it.

At the end of the treatment I was given herbs to help with the nausea and discussed what my body was having difficulty digesting (not cheese noooooo!). Colonics is NOT a quick fix treatment, its a therapy that you need to continue until your body has finally been emptied of years worth of undigested food.  What I really appreciate with holistic therapies is that the whole being is treated, and I loved learning that I am an (off-balance) Vata type in Ayuvedic belief, hence my digestive and balance issues and proneness to anxiety.

How did I feel at the end? I felt lighter with noticeably brighter eyes (apparently due to the release of toxins). My stomach was no longer sensitive or the size of a melon, and that night I slept soundly for the first time in months. Although I am nervous, I can’t wait to head back next week. I didn’t encounter anyone who spoke English at the clinic but the practitioners are all extremely friendly and patient. I highly recommend this Center for all holistic and natural therapies and I will keep this post updated as I continue with treatments! May it please help me!!



2 thoughts on “Colonics in Las Condes!

  1. Thanks for this, I have been looking for a place and would like to try this one. Would you still recommend it?


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