Family Fun: Museo Aeronautico y Del Espacio

Spend five minutes with our son and you soon learn that he LOVES anything that lives in the sky, from cranes to planes to helicopters and even leaves! Naturally, we want to encourage his interests but fun excursions involving gruas are a little on thin ground and we still have some time to wait for the Vitacura Aerodromo Open Day that occurs once a year (Spring, I’m pretty sure). But lo and behold – on our way to the midwife in Talagante we passed this GEM of a place: Museo Aeronautico y Del Espacio, right next door to the Air Force. There are honestly not enough words to rave about this place, particularly if you are looking for something the whole family will enjoy … on a budget! Well, you won’t spend a penny here as its all free!  This colossal building has two floors of replicas, models, exhibits and educational displays featuring ALL things that occupy the sky (even Superman!), and an outdoor area brimming with real-life planes and helicopters. There’s even a plane to go inside and a play area, and kids get free stickers. The people working are super friendly which is also a bonus. The only negative is that it’s out of the way unless you have a car but I must stress that this place is well worth it, particularly if you have plane-crazy kids, or its holidays and they are driving you up the wall.

NOTE: there IS access to the second floor displays via lift. You need to ask at reception for the key. The lift is located in the left hand exhibits when you enter, and is available to all elderly, disabled and pregnant visitors.


Avenida Pedro Aguirre Cerda Nº 5.000 (Ex camino Melipilla), Los Cerrillos Santiago de Chile.
Public Transport:


  • 108 La Florida Maipú y viceversa
  • 109 Renca – Maipú y viceversa
  • 113 Moneda Ciudad Satélite y viceversa
  • 115 Moneda – El Abrazo y viceversa

Buses Bupesa

  • Terminal San Borja-Peñaflor/Talagante (por Pedro Aguirre Cerda)

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