Chile in Photos

If you are wondering why I haven´t written in forever, it is not just because I have two children under 4. I actually have a new love and it´s not my laptop or my pen, I´m afraid.  Instead 2017 has been the year where I have finally decided to make my dream a reality and learn a bit about the art of taking photos.  Right after I made this decision, a fellow mum in the Discover Chile: English Speaking Moms in Chile group (Facebook) put up a DSLR for sale, and right at that moment I had some money saved up and I thought – why not?

This seems like an appropriate moment for some hashtags:

#canon #dslr #amateurphotography #manualmode #cantthinkofanymore

This is the site where I am teaching myself from – she explains SO well , especially if you are like me and are totally new to this aperture thing.

Over the last two months, I have taken a CRAZY amount of photos and I absolutely love it! Here are some of my favorites – I hope they provide a good overall picture of this wonderful country I call home.

PLEASE leave me some feedback, tips, pointers or share your images with me!!

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All photos: Helen Cordery


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