Expat Spotlight: Meet Photographer Tamsin

Is there anything more magical than a photo?

It has the power to transport you in time and, from just that one second, it has the power to open up a whole new world. In other words, it shows you how to really see the stories that are all around us, in the flower, a smiling child´s face or in the marvellous vista before you.

Ever since I have begun playing with my camera, I have learnt just how much work goes into creating those images. Before you even start editing, you have to think of the photo you want to take. What is the subject? Where should they be positioned? What lens to use? What settings to set? How are the colours balancing out? And once all of this is sorted, you can begin playing around with effects, view points and work on extracting the story that exists in every blink of the human eye.

I booked a session with Tamsin because a) she comes highly recommended and b) because I don´t think there is a greater gift than a beautiful photo.  Tamsin is a professional photographer specializing in portraits and hails from the sunny UK, though she has lived in Chile for the last 9 years.  She began her photography business in 2012 and shoots on a Canon 6D, utilizing a variety of lenses perfect for portraits. She has also begun branching out into video, creating a keepsake of short segments set to music that showcase all the little details and interactions that make up your family dynamic.  This is an idea that she is really excited about – I can´t think of a better wedding or family memento!

What I loved about our photo session is that Tamsin is very encouraging and warm, plus she was open to all my ideas (even if they didn´t quite work or if they meant getting a bit wet!?). Even better, she knew exactly how to shoot what I wanted, and the pictures have turned out so unique.

Tamsin´s Photography Tip for Beginners:

A photography tip for beginners is to pick up that camera and practice! Whatever camera it may be, the best way is to delve right into it. Try and veer off from using the automatic setting and don’t be afraid of making mistakes. And also don’t start buying all the expensive gear to begin with, start small and slowly work your way up.


Tamsin is offering half price off of her video keepsakes – please get in touch here!

More Information:

Website here

Instagram here

The Expat Spotlight series introduces you to expats (like me!) who have made Chile their home.  I specifically choose to highlight people who I think exemplify what it means to be an expat: those who embrace Chile and give something back. You can read other stories here:

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