Beautiful Chile: Photos by Amateur Photographer, Yorka

Santiago after the rain

Who is Yorka?

¨Born in Santiago, corporate slave until my late 20’s, I gave up my career to finally satisfy my thirst for knowledge and new experiences.  I am well-travelled and I can flirt in 4 languages over a bottle of wine, whisky and/or beers (!) I lived in France and China for a couple of years before coming back to Chile in order to fall in love with my beautiful country. I have developed a true passion for photography (still learning!) that makes my world go round lately and I love food¨.

San Pedro de Atacama
San Pedro de Atacama
San Pedro de Atacama

Some Questions with Yorka

1) Where is your favorite spot in Santiago?

Lastarria/Bellas Artes Neighbourhood. You can easily spend an afternoon walking around in the park and then ending your day with a nice dinner and drinks; many choices of  good restaurants.

2) Where is your favorite spot in Chile?

So far, I have two: the Elqui Valley/ the 4th Region in summer time (so many Pisco sour cocktails!) and San Pedro de Atacama in winter (when the desert is covered in snow!)

3) Favorite place to eat in Santiago?

I couldn’t pick just one! It just wouldn’t be fair!

4) Top tips for visitors to Chile?

The best wines are not always the most expensive ones; avoid metro at rush hour; if possible, head north to San Pedro de Atacama; try sea-urchin because many ugly things taste great!

5) Your favorite spot to photograph in Chile?

Valparaiso. The camera loves its colors and unique architecture!
6) Your camera and preferred lenses?
I have a Canon G15, a Canon sx210, a Nikon d5300 (broken now!) and a Nikon d3300. Lenses, I use 18-55 mm, 50 mm, 18-105 mm and a 55-200 mm.
Isla Damas (4th Region)
Isla Damas (4th region)
Pisquera Mistral
Pisquera Mistral (Valle del Elqui)
Elqui Valley
Mouth of the Elqui River
Concha y Toro winery
Canelilo Beach (Algarrobo)
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