Mummy Diaries: Guilt

Some days … Some days I look at that door and imagine leaving. Some days I try and picture what my life would be if i’d not had children. Some days all i want to do is go back in time. Then I feel guilty. All the time I feel such overwhelming guilt for thinking … Continue reading Mummy Diaries: Guilt

Mummy Diaries: Control

I´m not completely sure when it happened, but happen it did. It wasn´t when I gave birth, and it wasn´t during my breastfeeding trials either. I think I can identify one moment in particular that has caused me to admit that I, Helen Cordery, a woman with 29 years on this planet, am no longer … Continue reading Mummy Diaries: Control

Mummy Diaries: Love

reSometimes I wonder – what is love? When I think about it I don´t find the answer in a single word. When I grasp its depths I find everything but also nothing; its explanation always eludes me. Love is a smile, a laugh, a look, your child´s hand in yours and the feeling of those … Continue reading Mummy Diaries: Love

Mummy Diaries: Being a Mother and a Woman

What does it mean to be a mother? Being a mother has been about letting go. Letting go of my waistline, and my ability to jump on trampolines or do any other kind of excessive movement without making some kind of embarrassing sound.  Sometimes it has meant losing my cool over something as small as … Continue reading Mummy Diaries: Being a Mother and a Woman

Mummy Diaries: Day in the Life Of

Floating … please take my hand James McAvoy … I mean Ewan McGregor – oh ok you´re both in my dream, I´ll accept that. Just please keep speaking Scottish. This is amazing … wait why are my children in the water too? And they´re drowning – this is a NIGHTMARE! Wake up, wake up!  So … Continue reading Mummy Diaries: Day in the Life Of

Mummy Diaries: Respect

Right now, Max is in that stage where he can´t stop going backwards.  At the moment he is currently bashing his head into the sofa, destroying a Sophie the Giraffe teething toy and simultaneously crying and laughing. He sounds like an ewok. Should I go rescue him? Yes …in five minutes. We don´t have a … Continue reading Mummy Diaries: Respect

Mummy Diaries: The Truth

First thing first: you will NEVER be as tired as you are with your first newborn. The good news it that they WILL eventually start sleeping, and so will you. It’s not over once baby is out. You still have to pop out the placenta. And the contractions keep on coming. After-birth contractions are PAINFUL, … Continue reading Mummy Diaries: The Truth

Mummy Diaries: When It Doesn´t Work

Tomorrow is Mothers Day! On my street there is a party amosphere in the air and next door Jose’s family have prepared a lavish display of bouquets and ubiquetous roses to sell to our unprepared neighbours.   I have no doubt that the usual empanadas and ceviche delights will make an appearance later, or that they … Continue reading Mummy Diaries: When It Doesn´t Work