Pajarito de Mimbre: Children´s Books & Toys with a Heart

¨They say that pudus do not know how to ride a bike. But this tiny Pudu went far, very far. This is his story …¨


Recently Emilio was gifted a new book, called ¨El Largo Viaje del Pequeño Pudu¨ and I liked it so much that I contacted its maker to see if they wanted to be featured on my blog.

The Long Journey of the Small Pudu, is made by Pajarito de Mimbre, and is a beautifully designed treat for the eyes, taking the reader down the length of Chile and calling attention to its flora, fauna and amazing wonders that makes this country so special. What really makes it stand out is its attention to Chile´s many cultures, and the little Pudu makes friends with them all, from Mapuche to Aymara, Kawesgar to Selk´Nam. Emilio enjoyed playing Spot the Pudu on each page as we read it (it´s been one day and we´ve read it three times!).

A browse through their Instagram feed reveals exactly the kind of thing I look for when I shop for my family: handmade, made in Chile, and with the theme of promoting creativity and inclusion of all.

Muñeca Sirena. Photo: Pajarito de Mimbre

Ten Questions with Pajarito de Mimbre

1) Who is Pajarito de Mimbre and when did the business begin?

We started up several years ago with the desire to make children´s books and today we are devoloped by Fita Frattini and other amazing people all working to turn their dreams into a reality.  We have also progressed into decoration and children´s toys.

2) What is the concept of the store?

We are a design store that creates illustrated children´s books.  We have created a space for decoration, toys and incentives for the imagination, creating objects for children.  Each item is hand made with dedication and affection – from the initial drawing right up to the finished product.  It´s a careful process which involves each material personally selected – this means that each product is designed, written and illustrated at home!  Our motto is ¨sow a spark in the soul of a child and you will see that light shine more than any star¨.

Muñeca Mapuche. Photo: Pajarito de Mimbre

3) What makes your products different?

Their exclusive design, featuring the themes of Chile and what is important to children. From there, we take those featured characters and develop them into other products.

4) What are your favorite Pajarito de Mimbre products?

The Bird Calendar, the canvas Map of Chile, Chile Memory Game, the dolls to go with the ´Largas Viajes del Pequeño Pudo´ book, and the mermaid.

Photo: Pajarito de Mimbre

5) You also offer activity classes – what are the options?

We offer basic illustration classes, where we teach you how to illustrate your own book which we then print for you to take home. It´s a really beautiful way to learn and makes a beautiful object to share with others.

Mapa de Chile. Photo: Pajarito de Mimbre

6) Where is your favorite place in Santiago to eat out?

At home, where I can cook and eat what I like. If i go out in Santiago, it is to Barrio Italia.

Photo: Pajarito de Mimbre

7) What do you like to do on your days off?

I like to do acroyoga, bike and go climbing.

8) Where is your favorite spot in all of Chile?

I like the Parque Nacional Nahbuelbuta and Chiloe, Panguipulli, Puerto Varas … there are just so many!

Estuche Lapicera. Photo: Pajarito de Mimbre

9) As a store dedicated to children, what do you think is something really important for their childhoods?

I think it´s important to receive love and containment, within the family environment.

Carpa. Photo: Pajarito de Mimbre

10) What is next for Pajarito de Mimbre?

This year we will begin a mini line of clothes and some new books to work the emotions.

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Spotlight On Sarai & Her Creations

Sometimes you meet people who are so unbelievably kind that they set the example on how to measure goodness.  Sarai is one of those people. We first met through shared opinions on online forums and since then I have come to respect her enormously.


What I love is that Sarai has had experiences that are pretty unique for gringos. Her five children have been through both private and public schools, most notably in Puente Alto, a suburb that doesn’t always have the greatest reputation. Their story is awe-inspiring albeit with a few knockbacks (mainly with the school system), however Sarai is optimistic – sometimes the only way to gain real widsom is to rise up against challenges. And they have done. From volunteering with the homeless to being outspoken about looking beyond prejudices, Sarai and her family are today well-respected in the community (meaning that a trip with them to the store means hearing a steady stream of “hola”).

But the reason for this blog today is actually because Sarai is unbelievably talented. Insanely so. Nearly everything in their home is handmade, from the table to the jumpers to the toys, and many of it woven by hand on the loom.  Below is a recent interview with her about her work and life in Puente Alto. Have a read and maybe commision an order through her Facebook store here.


You have been here 4 years. Why do you like living in Chile, Sarai?

I like living in Chile because it gave me an awareness that the world wasn’t how I thought it was, and that it didn’t revolve around me.

What are some of the things that you can make?

I knit, crochet, restore furniture and clothes and I do needle Felting, nuno Felting, and shibori dying and shibori Felting as well.  I use a weaving loom. I work with natural fibres – wool and cotton for the most part – and I make mandalas.

What is your favorite thing to do in Chile?

My favorite thing to do I Chile is walk the streets meeting people….. That sounds weird but the intentions are innocent hah!

You have some amazing tattoos inked by Chilean artists. Where do you go?

For the best tattoos contact Loko Rino at LP Tattoo Studio in La Pintana.  He does home visits too. Be aware that the place is not in the best part of town but they have the best people working. These guys are great tattooists: honest, won’t overcharge, they treat everybody with kindness and do what you want them to do.  And the art is great.


What is a must-visit in Puente Alto for visitors?

They need to go to the food fondas, before Cajon del Maipo, they have fresh made everything in hornos de barro and great service.

What would you say those people who are new to Chile, or who have never been to a place like Puente Alto

Don’t be afraid to talk to people here and learn to love them and make a difference, because they need  people doing just that.

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